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Hand-Tailored Custom Bicycle Frames

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Hand-Tailored Custom Bicycle Frames  .  Made on Long Island, New York

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Hi, I’m Rick Jones. I’m a mechanic. I think I’m a really, really good mechanic. I can’t play the piano or speak 5 languages, but I’m totally dialed in to mechanical stuff. My Grandfather opened a little bicycle shop here in Glen Cove before I was born. My Dad took over the shop when I was a kid. We lived down the block and I grew up fixing flat tires and terrorizing the neighborhood on my BMX bike. At this writing I’m 36 years old. I’ve been a serious competitive cyclist, a fabricator, a professional motorcycle and car mechanic; but mostly I’ve been working on bicycles. I’m a partner with my Dad at the bike shop. My wife Sharon and I bought the house across the street from my folks, so we still live right down the block.

Our bike shop is extremely old school. Sure, we sell bikes and helmets, accessories etc; but our main focus is our technical expertise. We build wheels, we’re expert fitters etc; but we’re not just a pro shop. We serve our community. We’re servicing tricycles and tri-bikes, down-hillers and pizza delivery bikes. If it comes through the door we fix it. We’ve been doing this stuff in the same location for over 60 years. We love bikes, we ride bikes, we sell bikes; and now we build bikes.

I think that building bike frames is the highest form of the bike mechanic’s art. A few years back I figured it was time for me to step-up and start making my own frames. Looking for guidance I sought out local frame builder Jamie Swan. Jamie is a well-respected 40+ year veteran of the bicycle industry. He’s been a part time frame builder since 1981, and lucky for me, he now works as a machinist at a college right here in Glen Cove. Jamie has been extremely generous in sharing his knowledge of frame building and machining. With his guidance I’ve been setting up a frame building shop and developing my skills.


I’ve done hundreds of practice joints. I’ve built a fleet of bikes for myself, family and friends. We’ve been riding the crap out of them and getting a feel for the subtleties of tube gauges and small geometric changes. I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on regarding bike frame fabrication, geometry, fitting etc. I’m comparing notes with other builders, working with a graphic designer and various frame painters. I’ve got a great shop set up with a big alignment table, professional jigs and fixtures, milling machine, lathe, torches, gas fluxer, TIG welder etc. I’m not sparing any expense in my quest to build great bikes.


I’ve had my head down for several years now. I’m really proud of the bikes I’m building. They’re structurally sound. My welding and brazing is very clean. The bikes are extremely well aligned without having to resort to cold setting. Everybody who is riding one loves the way they fit. I’m working with an outstanding painter and I’ve got some cool graphics. I’m on the threshold of what I hope is a long career as a professional bicycle builder.  The good news, for you, is that my wait list isn’t super long and my prices are pretty modest. I’d love to build you precise, perfectly fitted, beautiful bicycle.  Give me a call.  

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